CloudRecon Release Notes
Release Month New/Updated Features
July 2023 Update in Migration Assist - Wave Plan Infrastructure and Dependency
March 2023 Migration assist and new pricing options for azure dedicated host
March 2023 Migration assist and updates related to Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL Report and Sustainability Report
February 2023 Demonstrate the Azure Migrate Sync feature of the CloudRecon Portal in 2023
January 2023 New pricing models - a 3-year saving plan, and a 1-year saving plan
December 2022 MIGRATION ASSIST - infrastructure and application migration process
July 2022 Sustainability Report & SAP (Lift&Shift)Report
December 2021 Release on AVD Assessment Report, SQL VCore Report, SQL MI Report & Inventory Upload Update
August 2021 New Filters in Lift&Shift Report and PostgreSQL to Azure PostgreSQL
May 2021 Blob Storage and File Storage Recommendations for Lift&Shift in CloudRecon
February 2021 Upload Block64 Template, Bulk Apply, Elastic Pool, & Lift & Shift (MLS) : Manual License Apply
August 2020 Azure spot virtual machines analysis, cloud migration reports update (lift & shift reports) & data estate reports
CloudPilot Release Notes
Release Month New/Updated Features
February 2023 Updates on Java Micro services, Application servers & 5R analysis
December 2022
  1. PowerApps Report and Dashboard
  2. Open-Source Component added to dashboard
  3. Oracle to PostgreSQL Assessment Portfolio
  4. MySQL Assessment Portfolio
  5. PostgreSQL Assessment Portfolio
July 2022
  1. Mongo and Maria DB
  2. ZIP File Compatibility
  3. MongoDB Assessment Report
  4. Maria DB Assessment Report
  5. MongoDB Portfolio
  6. MariaDB Portfolio has been added
January 2022 Open Source Mongo DB & Maria DBis added in Database Platform's list.
December 2021 Application Assessment - New recommendation impact category addition
May 2021
  1. Assessment for SQL Server SSIS Project Report
  2. Assessment for Oracle to Azure SQL MI
  3. Application and Database Portfolio Dashboard
  4. Application Assessment for Serverless
  5. Multiple Application file Assessment using CSV File
  6. Multiple Database file Assessment using CSV File
  7. Assessment for PostgreSQL
  8. Support new Currencies (SAR, ZAR, GBP(British pound))
August 2020
  2. Currency Update
  3. Portfolio Dashboard
CloudSupervisor Release Notes
Release Month New/Updated Features
February 2023
  1. Virtual Machine Utilization
  2. Utilization trend on Per Hour usage of last 30 Days
  3. Saving Plan Recommendations
  4. Mapping Reports
  5. Tag Management
  6. Costing Analysis by Tags
August 2023
  1. FinOps Dashboard
  2. Finops Dashboard - Monthly Costing
  3. Cost Control
  4. Orphaned Resources