Cloud Inventory

Cloud Inventory Overview
Cloud Inventory Overview

CloudRecon scans your on-premises datacenter and infrastructure to identify and list key assets such as servers, applications, networking devices, OS’, physical or virtual machines, CPU, memory, disk information, and network information, etc. CloudRecon will identify how and what you should move to the cloud, as well as provide detailed cost analysis on the ROI and cost savings you can expect from moving to the cloud.

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Rationalize the inventories with license reconciliation to balance the maintenance phases of different infrastructural groups.

Inventory Trailing

Read the application’s environment for installed software and their subscriptions, data packages, operating system details, license coverage and the supported browsers list, all organized at one place.

Business Analytics

Analyze usage analytics for CPU utilization under heavy load, cache status, storage dynamics, and others

Inputs for Rightsizing

Collect lower and higher configurational settings for RAM, Disk Type (SSD/HDD) and Core Count to classify sizing at cloud datacenters.

Increased Productivity

Know the Upsizing or downsizing for cloud specific services like Cloud Services (Classic), DocumentDB, SQL, Virtual Machines to identify highly consumed resources using these services.

Cost Metrics

Track overruns, approved cost and efforts to measure the productivity at all levels of migration cycles.

Invoice Visibility

Analyze the contractual terms for the approved work and expenditures and calculate the expected v/s actual budget.

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