Cloud Migration

4 steps to prepare your business for cloud migration

The operational benefits of cloud migration are indisputable: Lower overhead, higher availability, easier scalability, enhanced security, improved collaboration, and more. According to Hosting Journal, 95% of enterprises already use at
Accelerate business innovation and reduce costs by moving to the cloud

Accelerate business innovation and reduce costs by moving to the cloud

The challenges of on-premises datacenters are well documented – high fixed costs and difficulty scaling resources cost effectively are just a couple. The static nature of physical datacenters can often
Mission Critical Application Migration

Moving Mission-Critical Applications to the Cloud – More Important Than Ever

As we proceed into the second decade of the cloud era, the question businesses increasingly face is not whether to move key workloads to the cloud; but which key workloads

Microsoft and Azure Patches July 2016

UnifyCloud LLC is always updating its Security dependencies with reference to MSRC updates and releases. The data presentation and dashboard reports in the tools of CloudAtlas® Suite; the CloudRecon®, CloudPilot®,

Steps to Understanding Your IT Before Moving to the Cloud

To understand your IT before moving to the cloud is an essential strategy to be developed by the On-Premises owners, in – order to best use the cloud services and

Navigating Your Journey to the Cloud

IT infrastructure and services invest a huge amount for upgrading and installing on-premises resources and other network services to keep on track with the current technological requirements and updates. In

Adopting Cloud Data Security Practices

Cloud has given enormous space to plug and play with your applications and content at the user and system level. This is now the responsibility for any cloud providing service
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Things to Consider Before Migrating to the Cloud

National Institute of Standards and Technology has defined cloud as, “The provision of computational resources on demand via computer network. Cloud is a network of systems and services hosting application

Top 10 Benefits of Saas

SaaS wrap-up the business applications over internet. These SaaS services are available by CSP providers and vendors as a unified application resource. CTOs and Devops needs to analyze the exact

Azure Monitoring Tools – CloudSupervisor®

CloudSupervisor® is a monitoring tool developed by UnifyCloud Pvt.Ltd.; it will help the user to track the performance of infrastructure cloud services and to detect the cost predictability for the