Continuous Compliance

Continuous compliance
Continuous compliance Overview

Organizations has to fix the security and compliance maintenance goals with respect to business and migration requirements for cloud enabled services. Ensuring the compliance with high standards of certifications, accreditations, and continuous auditing will make the virtual environment, secured and grounded with SaaS subscriptions.

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Unified dashboards for smart marketing and compliance management will keep the business tools and knowledge updated for the cloud norms and conditions.

Compliance Status

CloudPilot® highlights the “Compliance Report” for the current environment of your on-premise with respect to classified services for “Virtual Machines”, “SQL Database”,” Scheduler” and “AAD Premium services.”

Customized dashboards for Non-Compliance Standards

Donut charts by CloudSupervisor® – Dashboards, provides instant glance for the compliance and non-compliance status for the on-premise applications, which will optimize the single series of data into a two-dimensional data representation.

Simplified Compliance

These specific standards are mentioned with the simplified hybrid structure across the cloudAtlas® modules and represent the knowledge-base for “Information Security Standards, Effective Controls and “Government and industry certifications.

Secure your own virtual environment and meet the Compliance Obligations:

Responsibilities to enter with PaaS subscriptions:

  • Authorize your apps with “Access Control” – AAD authentication provided throughout the cloudAtlas® suit.
  • Classification of data with Smart-Art and making the data updated for Geo-based locations.
  • Maintaining the Privacy and Data Regulatory Compliance.

Responsibilities to enter with PaaS subscriptions:

  • Tracing – Baselines for each service and controls provided by both CloudSupervisor®  and CloudOrigin®
  • Logging and auditing supported by CloudSupervisor®
  • Trekking with Certifications, Accreditations & Audits.

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