A New Way to Navigate the Journey to the Cloud

Think cloud migration has to be difficult and complicated? Think again!

CloudAtlas migration suite
CloudAtlas is the first and most complete platform designed to make the journey from on-premises to the cloud fast, easy and efficient.
The CloudAtlas integrated tool set spans the entire cloud migration lifecycle, provides insight into legacy systems and automates and facilitates migration at cloud scale that manual processes and on-premise tools just can't support. CloudAtlas has been tested and proven to accelerate even the largest and most complex migration scenarios helping you get to the cloud quickly, securely and in compliance. The CloudAtlas suite of tools follows the Microsoft cloud migration framework and has a solution to expedite every step of the cloud migration journey.
CloudAtlas migration suite
The CloudAtlas platform offers cloud assessment, migration, monitoring, and reporting enabling you to grow and differentiate your business by offering your customers more services and better value.
CloudAtlas migration suite
Accelerate Migrations and Drive Sales with quick, accurate, usage-based modeling
CloudAtlas migration suite
Generate New Revenue by offering additional services with value added applications
CloudAtlas migration suite
Migrate and Modernize at Scale with automation that enables faster cloud migration with no configuration errors
Cloud Readiness Infrastructure Assessment Tools
infrastructure development assessment tools
Inventory applications and workloads to develop a cloud strategy with detailed ROI and TCO benefits. Learn More
Infrastructure Assessment

aka CloudRecon

A CloudAtlas infrastructure assessment generates the analysis and insights needed for development of cloud migration, modernization, cybersecurity and/or sustainability strategy. It does this with a deep scan of IT infrastructure for a full IT inventory assessment of cloud readiness for different cloud options (SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS) and a roadmap including tasks, effort, timelines, total cost of ownership and ROI to help develop the optimal cloud migration business case.
application migration tools
cloud application migration
Analyze applications at the code level to determine cloud readiness and conduct migrations for Cloud-ready applications. Learn More
Modernize and Migrate

aka CloudPilot

CloudAtlas static code analysis scans apps, databases and workloads in just minutes – a fraction of time a manual assessment would require – to develop a modernization and migration plan, identifying IaaS and PaaS migration options, effort and costs. Output includes detailed guidance and recommendations down to the line of code on changes required for the application to run effectively in the cloud. Use this information to choose which apps, databases and workloads to modernize first based on an evaluation of readiness, effort and costs to expedite streamlined modernization and cloud migration.
azure subscription monitoring tools
azure monitoring tools
Daily reporting for cost, security, and GRC controls, powered by the CloudOrigin knowledgebase. Learn More
Optimize and Manage

aka CloudSupervisor

Use CloudAtlas to manage, maintain and optimize cloud and hybrid environments with detailed monitoring and reporting across all cloud subscriptions. This analysis provides utilization-based rightsizing recommendations for cost optimization and increases visibility into the underlying cloud services, settings and other risk management controls to manage security, governance, risk and compliance and make sure these controls are in line with industry and enterprise standards.
Office 365 analytical dashboards
office 365 analytical dashboards
Save money by optimizing your license usage and maintaining security and compliance Learn More
Workplace Modernization

aka CloudSupervisor O365

Monitor your Office 365 environment with daily reporting that simplifies administration of licenses and permissions and ensures your environment is secure and in compliance. The tool provides complete visibility with reporting for SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Skype, Active Directory, Exchange, Yammer and more facilitating strategic decision making based on real usage data so you can control costs.
CloudAtlas Cybersecurity
CloudAtlas Cybersecurity
Get insights and actionable recommendations to help secure on-premises and cloud environments. Learn More
CloudAtlas Cybersecurity
CloudAtlas provides a comprehensive evaluation of deployed cybersecurity technologies, cybersecurity risk management policies, and processes utilized to develop an actionable improvement plan to help users deal with new threats, track cybersecurity capability over time, and evolve practices to better protect their businesses. This includes options for following several control and risk management frameworks and utilizing the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) and Ponemon Institute resources to inform and guide the cybersecurity journey.
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