CloudAtlas Infrastructure Assessment for Azure

This document is to demonstrate the newest features being rolled out in the CloudAtlas Infrastructure Assessment Portal for Azure in April 2024. Customers will be able to use this document as a guide to utilize the variety of features offered by CloudAtlas Infrastructure Assessment Portal for Azure.

Intended Use and Target Audience

This document is to be used as a reference regarding new features for all users of CloudAtlas Infrastructure Assessment for Azure.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration (IaaS) Menu now includes a new report - Azure Arc. Introducing Azure Arc: Simplify Your Multi-Cloud Management. Now you can manage your onpremises, GCP, and Microsoft Azure resources from a central location using Azure Arc. Azure Arc provides a unified management portal, enabling administrators to manage resources across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Key benefits :

  • Azure Arc: Bridging the Gap Between On-Premises and Cloud Environments.
  • Costing benefits: Azure Arc can help reduce costs when compared to a conventional Azure migration.
  • Centralized management: With Azure Arc, enjoy centralized management, configuration, security controls, and compliance across your entire infrastructure, regardless of its location.
  • Configuration management: Streamline configuration tasks for both onpremises and cloud resources.
  • Security controls: Implement security measures and ensure compliance across your entire infrastructure.
  • Azure Services on on-premises Environment: With Azure Arc, you can leverage Azure services like log analytics, defender, and policies for your onpremises and multi-cloud environments.
  • VM with Azure Arc: Enhance your Azure VM experience with Azure Arc.
  • Seamlessly integrate on-premises and multi-cloud servers into your Azure environment, extending the reach of Azure services like log analytics, defender, and policies.

To access this menu, click on "Azure Arc" in the Cloud Migration side menu in the CloudAtlas Infrastructure Assessment Web Portal. There are 4 sections in this report, Summary, Azure Arc Enabled Servers, ESU & SQL License Costing and Azure Costing Details.

Other changes