Landing Zones - Creating a Solid Foundation in Azure

May 24th or 25th - Register Now!

US and EMEA Asia-Pacific
  • Live Webinar

    Live Webinar

    Landing Zones - Creating a Solid Foundation in Azure
    May 24th or 25th

    Register for this webinar to learn the importance of a landing zone and how it can help you prepare for a successful cloud adoption.

  • Microsoft Partner of the Year
    2021 Finalist - Modernizing Applications
    2020 Winner - Solution Assessment

    Building on the success of winning Solution Assessment Partner of the Year in 2020, UnifyCloud is honored to be named Finalist for the 2021 Modernizing Applications Microsoft Partner of the Year Award which recognizes a partner who has a track record of modernizing applications for the cloud, has demonstrated a deep understanding business challenges, and has helped motivate adoption of new cloud technologies and practices.

  • Smarter Migrations Start with CloudAtlas

    UnifyCloud developed the CloudAtlas suite of tools to better serve clients in their cloud migration journey. Now we make them available to you to help you define cloud strategy, move applications and workloads to the cloud quickly and efficiently, and ensure proper IT controls, policies and budget goals are met.

A Platform for Digital Transformation​
The CloudAtlas platform facilitates and expedites every step of the cloud migration journey allowing you to provide more services in less time.

CloudAtlas has a solution for your cloud migration needs

Infrastructure Assessment
Cloud Readiness
Cloud Strategy
Total Cost of Ownership
Level of Effort
Automated Migration
Compliance and security
Journey to the Cloud
The CloudAtlas tools ensure that your cloud migration is done right, done well and done quickly. We can support your migration from start to finish like no one else!
Faster and less costly than doing a manual assessment requiring expensive and limited outside experts.
Quicker set up that can produce detailed technical recommendations for decision makers in minutes.
Reduce the time and expense to migrate applications to the Cloud by using recommended coding practices.
Security controls that are closely managed and constantly updated to keep pace with Cloud evolution.
Lowered costs of Cloud operations, application compliance monitoring, and ongoing remediation.
Proven Impact
of Lines of Code Scanned
Average Minutes Needed to Scan 200K Lines of Code
of VMs assessed for Cloud Migration
Over 50%
average TCO reduction from on-premise to the cloud
What Our Customers Are Saying

My jaw is on the floor. This has been historically an extremely painful effort. You have given cloud migration a big shot in the arm.

The CloudRecon data, when I got into the console, blew the customer away… It’s allowed us to move the customer along.

Some of these assessments are taking us 2-4 weeks. This would dramatically scale that down which is appealing.

Amazing! I’ve had to do some of these datacenter migrations and trying to come up with this level of detail is incredibly time consuming.

See for yourself what CloudAtlas can do for you!
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