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With the very nature of how we work changed due to COVID-19, managing IT security has never been a bigger challenge. Hardware, software, and users can be anywhere at any time, and security leaders need to change the way they approach cybersecurity and risk. The first step in this process is to understand current security posture and capabilities so that action can be taken to secure on-premises and cloud environments.

CloudAtlas Cybersecurity provides a comprehensive evaluation of deployed cybersecurity technologies, cybersecurity risk management policies, and processes utilized that can be used to create an actionable improvement plan to deal with new threats and to track cybersecurity capability over time, evolving practices to better protect the business.
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Most businesses can't afford a cybersecurity breach, so they need protect themselves.

of organizations experienced a serious cloud security incident during the last year1


The global average US$ cost of a security breach2

CloudAtlas cybersecurity tool
Like cloud migration,
cybersecurity is a journey

First you need to know what threats are out there, then you need to understand your capabilities to protect, detect and respond to those threats, and, lastly, you need to manage and prioritize the risk those threats represent so you can maximize your protection and manage your cybersecurity investment.

Evolving Cybersecurity Management

cybersecurity capability assessment

With CloudAtlas Cybersecurity you get:

  • The ability to factor in the Zero Trust Model focusing on the six pillars including - Identities, Devices, Applications, Infrastructure, Network and Data leveraging the Microsoft Zero Trust Maturity Assessment tool
  • An all-up evaluation expressed as a maturity level of your cybersecurity program related to the cybersecurity technologies you have deployed to protect your on-premises and cloud environments as well as remote work assets, and the cybersecurity risk management polices and processes you utilize.
  • Maturity-level heat maps associated with key controls and guidance from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) related to on-premises and Microsoft cloud environments.
  • Detailed and actionable recommendations to improve cybersecurity ranging from priority recommendations and quick wins to basic, foundational and organizational controls improvements.
  • Monitoring capabilities that utilize the assessment data as a baseline so you can track specific improvements and manage the enhancement of your cybersecurity program over time.
  • A clear path to improved cybersecurity.
  • An asset anchored on highly credible and industry accepted cybersecurity frameworks and reports to protect against cybersecurity risks.
Demo Heatmap
cybersecurity risk assessment

CloudAtlas Cybersecurity Follows the Zero Trust Model

The Zero Trust Model shifts the philosophy from "trust-by-default" to "trust-by-exception" which assumes attempted breach, treating each access request as though it originated from an uncontrolled network. It adapts to the complexity of the modern environment with a goal of protecting infrastructure wherever it is located by making better access decisions to automatically manage exceptions and alerts to find, detect and respond to threats and prevent undesired events across your organization.

Zero Trust is not a quick fix but a journey that is part of a long-term business strategy and implemented in phases. UnifyCloud helps you get started by leveraging the Microsoft Zero Trust Maturity Assessment tool. We present you with 43 questions to assess your position across the 6 pillars upon which Zero Trust is built – Identities, Devices, Applications, Infrastructure, Network and Data. Your responses are used to analyze your stage of maturity for each pillar from "Traditional" to "Advanced" to "Optimal“ with recommendations on how to progress to the next stage.

The CloudAtlas Cybersecurity Journey

cybersecurity risk management

Gather accurate data from your IT environment

cybersecurity threat assessment

Identify gaps in your cybersecurity capabilities

cloud cybersecurity tool

Prioritize recommended changes

Azure cybersecurity tool

Take action to create a more secure environment

it security analysis tool

Manage and measure your cybersecurity protection progress

CloudAtlas Cybersecurity provides you with flexibility in your journey towards improving your cybersecurity capabilities.
cyber security products
Control Assessments
  • Zero Trust
  • Cloud Security Benchmark
  • CIS 20
  • Australian ACSC
network security tool
Risk Management Frameworks
  • NIST
  • CIS Halock
cybersecurity solutions
Breach Reports
  • Verizon for Current Observed Threats and Breaches
  • Ponemon for Current Actual Breach Costs
cyber security companies
Industry Sectors
  • US Census Bureau's NAICS taxonomy for identification of Industry Vertical/Sector
  • Select which control framework(s) to assess against and use all or part of those frameworks
  • Highlight top threats and impacts based on your industry vertical and/or sector
  • Adjust your approach based on size, threat level, and prioritized risk assessment
Features and Benefits
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Control Identification
& Capability Catalog
cybersecurity risk management tool
Control Assessment
& Recommendations
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