CloudAtlas Modernize & Migrate for Azure

This document is to demonstrate the newest features being rolled out in the CloudAtlas Modernize and Migrate Portal for Azure in April 2024. Customers will be able to use this document as a guide to utilize the variety of features offered by CloudAtlas Modernize and Migrate Portal for Azure.

Intended Use and Target Audience

This document is to be used as a reference regarding new features for all users of CloudAtlas Modernize and Migrate for Azure.

1. AI Enhancements

Our enhanced CloudAtlas Modernize and Migrate Reports now includes comprehensive detection of AI workloads within your applications. Whether you're utilizing image processing, sentiment analysis, or other AI-driven functionalities, our report will identify these workloads and provide recommendations for optimization.

Key benefits :

  • Expanded Application Capabilities: Seamlessly incorporate advanced AI functionalities like sentiment analysis, content safety checks, and AI vision directly within your applications, enhancing their capabilities and user experience.
  • Simplified Development Process: Streamline development by accessing AI services within your Azure environment, eliminating the need for complex external integrations, and reducing time-to-market for AI-powered features.
  • Cost-Efficient Solution: Achieve cost savings by leveraging Azure Open AI services, eliminating the need for expensive third-party AI platforms or custom-built solutions.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Streamline configuration tasks for both onpremises and cloud resources.
  • Security controls: Implement security measures and ensure compliance across your entire infrastructure.
  • Integration with Azure Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate with other Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Bot Service, leveraging the full power of Azure's cloud platform for comprehensive AI solutions.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Improve efficiency and productivity by harnessing the power of AI to automate tasks, analyse data, and gain valuable insights, driving innovation and business growth.

1.1 AI Workload Identification

We have implemented a comprehensive AI workload identification system within our reports. This system analyses customer applications to identify previous or current AI components utilized, such as TensorFlow and other AI frameworks. Customers will receive detailed assessments regarding the AI capabilities present in their applications, enabling informed decisions on leveraging Azure Open AI services.

1.2 AI Innovative Report

Introducing the AI Innovative Report, which provides in-depth analysis of the application's codebase to identify opportunities for integrating Azure Open AI services. This report offers recommendations tailored to specific domains such as health, finance, and more, empowering customers to explore AI-driven solutions relevant to their industry.

1.3 AI-Enabled Recommendations

Our reports now feature AI-enabled recommendations, offering personalized suggestions for optimizing applications through Azure Open AI services. These recommendations facilitate seamless integration of AI capabilities, enhancing application efficiency and modernization.

1.4 AI-Automated Remediation Approach

Our reports now include AI-driven remediation solutions, providing prompt and accurate responses to identified issues within the application code. We now provide three options to the users when it comes to code remediation - Azure OpenAI Services, Code Lima and VM Based Approach. Through AI-powered prompts and responses, customers can efficiently address code issues and optimize their applications for performance and reliability.

1.5 Code Assist Integration

We have integrated Code Assist functionality, enabling automatic code generation for AI-related tasks. Customers can choose between Azure Open AI and Code Lima models in the CloudAtlas Tool based on privacy and security preferences, ensuring flexibility in utilizing AI services.

1.6 Enhanced Security and Privacy

Addressing customer concerns regarding data privacy and security, Code Lima offers a secure alternative for AI implementation without sharing code externally.
By leveraging the Unified Cloud environment, customers can access AI capabilities while maintaining control over their codebase.