Azure Monitoring Tools – CloudSupervisor®

CloudSupervisor® is a monitoring tool developed by UnifyCloud Pvt.Ltd.; it will help the user to track the performance of infrastructure cloud services and to detect the cost predictability for the consumed services on cloud. These services can be classified as Service Type, resource group, application environment and billing services. This tool will share a clear visibility for underlying cloud services and provide recommendations for risk management controls and other measurements to match the alignment with that of cloud and thus to map it with the current industry standards. The tool provides a common platform for information sharing and represent diversified dashboards with descriptive knowledge and analysis of the environment on public, private or hybrid cloud. Users can identify high business impacts for the utilized resources and to endow the business with greater revenue. With the help of cloud monitoring tools, user can manage the cloud environment effectively as follows:

  • Security measures are closely monitored and quickly managed to keep check on risk factors.
  • Migrated applications are consistently monitored and enhanced with current technology and SaaS, PaaS or IaaS standards.
  • Effective and low cost models for migration to cloud, application compliance tracking and ongoing remediation.

The CSPs have to maintain the current technologies updated on cloud and it is a rapid development process to be driven by the on-premise applications and environments. New services and settings need a specific tracking and monitoring tool, which can satisfy all the settings and recommendations for cloud datacenters. The derived changes with Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the regulatory compliance standards is a concurrent process for migrated applications on cloud. The role of CloudSupervisor® is to track each single detail, which comes after the application is migrated on the cloud server and the dashboard gives the user visibility for underlying cloud services and to check if the application is performing well with the settings and other risk management controls to keep the balance with optimized resources and solution. For More Details Visit Us!