Microsoft and Azure Patches July 2016

UnifyCloud LLC is always updating its Security dependencies with reference to MSRC updates and releases. The data presentation and dashboard reports in the tools of CloudAtlas® Suite; the CloudRecon®, CloudPilot®, CloudSupervisor®, CloudOrigin® are accessible with a Secure Private network developed in compliance to Microsoft guide lines and Microsoft cloud platform (Azure). Every organization moving to cloud is continually looking for low cost and secured network providers to upgrade the on-premises applications and data architectures to Azure datacenters. The CIO, DevOps, CISO and CTOs of SMBs to Large corporates has to review the migration process regarding to Patch Updates released by the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC).
Microsoft Security Update Lifecycle:
MSRC monitors and investigates, security vulnerability reports for all the clients and partners on the Globe. Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) guidelines are the security vulnerabilities defined by Microsoft and identified by security researchers for the on-premises products and applications migrating to cloud and is disclosed to all vendors of Microsoft. MSVR has defined the reasons for issuing the advisory, FAQs and the required Actions to protect and secure on-premises infrastructure up to date with Microsoft technical security notifications as in the security bulletins summary lists released for July 2016.
Microsoft release the patch cycle with following steps:
– Creating a Security Update MSRC acts as the engineering technical leader for the Software Security Incident Response Process (SSIRP) to investigate the design and implemented solutions and searches for other variants of the threat Vulnerability that could affect on-premises applications and infrastructure.
– Testing Security Updates Internally MSRC updates are tested for many languages and to check application compatibility for bulk applications on the Globe.
– Testing the Security Updates Externally Security Update Validation Program validate the patches with a group of customers to test them against broad range of configurations and environments and to determine the compatibility issues while deployment of these patches.
– Releasing Security Updates, Bulletins, and Advisories Security bulletins are released on the second Tuesday (US Pacific Standard Time) of every month at Microsoft to help customers schedule the deployment plan of security updates to get them aligned with the current releases of applications and to provide a refined production and testing process for all its customers on the Globe. Microsoft Security Advisories specify issues that might not be identified as vulnerabilities or not require security bulletins, but could affect the customer security.
– Microsoft provides support for 10 years, to product and services associated with business and developer products after the release.
– To consumer, hardware, and multimedia products for five years after product release.
– Microsoft assure that security patches will work with products that are supported at the time of patch release.