Navigating Your Journey to the Cloud

IT infrastructure and services invest a huge amount for upgrading and installing on-premises resources and other network services to keep on track with the current technological requirements and updates. In this regard, IT enabled infrastructures must choose a valid service provider for on-premises application migration to cloud with respect to low cost and secured services followed by SaaS standards. Choosing a public or hybrid cloud for your on-premises is a matter of consideration for CIOs, about promoting the business with learning objectives and specific outcomes for growth of individual and market performance. Agility and rapid prototyping could be achieved with innovative performance results with better Cloud services for secured connections of VMs and network services. Unify Cloud’s CloudAtlas® Partner program analyzed that the authority individuals, CIOs/CISO and DevOps refine the on-premises IT infrastructure with upcoming technological tools and services. This Partner program will provide the specific guidelines for industry leaders such as IT strategists, chief architects, CIOs, CTOs, CXOs and other Senior IT officials to make their company grow with higher % of revenues and affecting the demand forecasting of a product or service of on-premises applications and environment. Authority figures of any organization should ensure that their organization is optimized with multiple resources and smart technologies and equipped with multi-tenant architecture for server and system configurations on all datacenters and networks.
Technical Architect will evaluate the cost estimations required to go with the low cost facilities for storage and updated technologies available on a secured private cloud and Business manager can then have a demand growth analysis done for the best outcomes coming for growth potential of the company with Cloud migration.
Following are the services provided with secured cloud network:
 Single configuration for all software/hardware systems and applications multi-tenant architecture with SaaS standards.
 Secured data transfer for voice /video/message with secured transport protocols.
 Content management over cloud
 Service desk management
 Management information Systems
 Inventory creation and migration
Components of Cloud:
SaaS – Services with multi-tenant architecture and protocols for data migration are provided on the basis of subscription. SaaS services are business oriented and interact mainly with CIOs, CXOs and Business senior managers who configure integration of systems and messaging applications with other secured network services.
PaaS – These services check on-premises development environment for web/mobile based application and services and rebuilt the code/solutions for migration to cloud.
IaaS – All the services for storage, network equipment, servers/datacenters, updated Operating systems and software are provided on rent by the cloud service provider.
Benefits of cloud:
CIOs and CTOs do not have to analyze about physical and abstract configurations of servers and machines for their on-premises infrastructure.
Capital expenditures for upgrading /acquire physical assets for on-premises can be operational expenses for ongoing cost consumed for currently acquired services.
Software updates of applications in compliance with SaaS standards can be scaled to proportionate no. of users.
On-premises services are now available for public /private / hybrid hubs at any location and time with data security and compliance with SaaS/PaaS/IaaS standards. Visit Us!