Is a Secure Cloud an Achievable Goal?

Is the cloud more or less secure than your current environment? The industry tells us, “the cloud provides better security and compliance”. The truth is; a cloud environment is only as secure as the provider makes it. The era of the digital transformations for IT and IT enabled services is leading us towards universally adopted cloud phenomenon, which is full with numerous features for latest tools and technologies with risky and prevalent paradoxes.

“SMBs or large enterprises are now looking for cost effective, secured solutions for merging and migrating their complete operational units over virtual environment of cloud.”

With cloud methodologies, there is an equal demand for other tools such as analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and migration tools. These tools will help in analyzing and assessing the current application structures over the “On-Premise” operational units and to identify the key risk factors around information exchange over insecure networks.

While adopting a new public or community-based environment, the risk for information breach and unstable application behavior is always a concern that could occur during all the stages of migration and maintenance phases. Enterprises must strategize now for a threat landscape that requires constant alertness.

Making security is the first- priority for every business and for the Tech leads like CIO’s, CTO’s business decision makers, IT architects, and developers to grow and lead a healthy organization. This may have an impact on changing focus for IT investments and even the IT organization itself for their paradoxical behavior for migration over cloud. Despite saying that; at this point, moving to a cloud is inevitable.

Monitoring your risk and generating a strategy, preferably with guidance and tools, is essential in launching a successful cloud operation. Ensure your migration goes smoothly and is cost effective, efficient, and secure.

Make your cloud migration successful with CloudRecon®, an application discovery tools to augment the planning and execution of a cloud migration project. Migrate your on-premises workload to the cloud, smoothly and securely. Use CloudRecon to scan your on-premises datacenter and infrastructure to identify and list key assets such as servers, applications, networking devices, and gain detailed visibility around cybersecurity, and information and resource management.