CloudAtlas Products

The CloudAtlas® integrated tool set spans the entire cloud migration life-cycle – Discover & Assess, Target & Migrate, Monitor & Report. The individual tools, supported by the underlying knowledge-base, automate and support application migration in “Cloud time”.Manual processes and on premises tools are not able to support cloud migration at scale, securely, and operate at a “Cloud-time” pace. The CloudAtlas® integrated suite of tool provides automation, scale and consistency to migrate applications from on premises to the cloud in a consistent, secure and compliant manner.

Cloud Recon


Consumes data from discovery tools (e.g., Microsoft Assessment and Planning) that creates a datacenter modernization report identifying workloads that are candidates for SaaS (e.g., Office 365), Azure IaaS, and or Azure PaaS. The dataCenter modernization report provides you with Cloud-ready recommendations and a cybersecurity maturity assessment.

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Scans actual code, SQL scripts, and application configuration data to provide an accurate estimate of the effort to remediate an application, these are the recommendations to re-factor an application targeted to migrate to Azure PaaS, a final test can be run before deployment to Azure.

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CloudSupervisor Azure

Runs across multiple Azure subscriptions to provide a portfolio view of compliance monitoring at the application level. As changes occur to the standards published by the CloudOrigin® Knowledgebase, CloudSupervisor® ensures applications remain in compliance.

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Cloud Origin

Repository for all Azure services settings and configurations for the customer to define the appropriate values to meet their standards. It underpins other parts of the toolset with a common repository for Azure.

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Office Dashboards

CloudSupervisor Office 365

Inactive User and License reports show you all Office 365 Licenses that are either un-used or under-utilized. Potentially save thousands of dollars by tracking subscription utilization.

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