Make Data Driven Decisions

Gain visibility of your entire Cloud environment and use analytics to make smart decisions
with CloudSupervisor Azure

Integrated dashboards provide daily reporting for cost, security, and GRC controls across Azure subscriptions, all powered by the CloudOrigin knowledgebase.
CloudSupervisor Azure is an analytical reporting tool which helps users monitor and manage applications after they've migrated to the cloud. It provides a holistic view of your Cloud environment in order to help you monitor and manage applications once in the Cloud. It monitors your cybersecurity and compliance with various GRC controls while dashboards provide usage tracking and cost reports. CloudSupervisor can be used to monitor the impacts of a migration, to develop a savings recommendation, or to analyze and optimize costs.
Key Benefits

Key Features

Cost Control

Provides detailed recommendations on cost reduction opportunities for Cloud applications


Monitors Cloud environment to ensure continued security and raises alerts if issues are found

Continuous Compliance

Scans Cloud environment to ensure compliance with relevant GRC controls and enterprise standards


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