Announcing New Version Of CloudPilot Available Thru Microsoft’s Appsource Portal

New release supports migration of custom applications to Azure PaaS

Redmond, Washington, May 30, 2017 – CloudAtlas announces the new version of CloudPilot 16, now available thru Microsoft’s AppSource portal for SaaS applications, for demo and free trial click here. The new release adds support for static code analysis for scanning application code to migrate custom LoB applications and data platform to Azure PaaS, as well as Azure IaaS.

CloudPilot uses static code analysis to accurately determine migration of on-premise custom built applications to Azure PaaS, IaaS, or Azure Stack. Scans are provided in a fraction of the time it would take to conduct expensive manual assessments. CloudPilot scanned a custom-built application for a F50 customer with over 436,000 lines of code including database scripts, in 8 minutes and 37 seconds. The scan identified 129 changes, down to the line of code, that needed to be made for the application to migrate to Azure PaaS, and provided estimates in terms of person hours required to complete the migration. CloudPilot also provides developers with sample code they can use, links to authoritative guidance, and security and compliance recommendations.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder Marc Pinotti, “A typical developer can scan around 10,000 lines of code in 3 days, assuming they know the underlying application and have a solid understanding of Azure PaaS.  For this F50 application, the estimated time would have been 129 person-days to manually scan the existing apps  for changes needed to migrate to Azure PaaS. CloudPilot provided that in just minutes, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in estimation costs alone. The productivity benefit of providing developers with sample code they can ‘cut and paste’ for the migration, combined with links to authoritative guidance, as well as security and compliance reports, is incalculable.”

Azure Migration Solutions:

  • CloudPilot: Uses static code analysis to accurately determine Azure PaaS & IaaS migration costs in a fraction of the time, it would take with expensive manual assessments. Identifies code changes that need to be made for the application to run in Azure PaaS, IaaS, or Stack, down to the line of code, while providing sample code for remediation, links to authoritative guidance, and direction on application security and compliance.
  • CloudOrigin: Knowledgebase for CloudPilot is kept current with all the latest changes of Azure, updated every month, as new services are added and old ones deprecated. This keeps the sample code recommendations, and authoritative guidance in CloudPilot current with recommended best practices. Ensures security standards are followed, as well as Governance & Regulatory Compliance (GRC) for applications.

About CloudAtlas 

The CloudAtlas brand accelerates application migration to Azure while maintaining Cost Control, Compliance and Cybersecurity, helping customers rapidly adopt, securely deploy and effectively manage workloads and custom applications moved to Microsoft’s Cloud solutions (Azure, Office 365). For more information, contact us at