CloudAtlas Announces New Version Of CloudRecon Available Thru Microsoft’s Appsource Portal

Adds support for Service Now

Redmond, Washington, May 23, 2017 – CloudAtlas announces a new release of CloudRecon that consumes customer infrastructure data from Service Now Asset Management. CloudRecon reports provide a comprehensive Cloud Migration Strategy to customers with detailed recommendations for migrating on premise applications to PaaS, IaaS and SaaS. CloudRecon can be downloaded from Microsoft’s AppSource portal, for demo and free trial click here.

CloudRecon is the only Cloud Migration tool that consumes data from multiple third party infrastructure scanning solutions. The customer benefits by using their existing, preferred infrastructure inventory, assessment, and reporting tool to assess their IT environments. CloudRecon identifies custom-built applications that are suitable for migration to Azure PaaS. Azure PaaS enables enterprises to achieve maximum cost savings and business agility, and represents the highest and best use of Cloud.

CloudRecon provides detailed sizing recommendations, detailed cost estimates for the cloud, and supports multiple migration scenarios (PaaS, IaaS and SaaS) that no other Cloud Migration solution provides. Customers can view all the data behind the CloudRecon Cloud Migratoion recommendations, and make changes using ‘what-if’ analysis to optimize the recommendations based on their knowledge of the applications, their infrastructure, and Service Level Agreements.

Enterprises migrating custom built applications to Public, Private and/or Hybrid Cloud frequently over-size their VMs for IaaS. This typically leads to over-provisioning of Cloud resources. This prevents them from achieving the cost savings they expected from moving to the Cloud. One of our F500 customers found they were averaging 6% CPU utilization in the cloud after migration to IaaS, clearly not a cost-effective solution.

According to the Co-Founder and CTO Vivek Bhatnagar, “The business case for cloud computing is reducing cost and increasing business agility. Cloud Migration enables VM consolidation and the decommissioning of inefficient infrastructure. Additionally, all VMs moving to the cloud should be assessed for suitability to migrate to PaaS due to the benefit from the significant cost savings and business agility benefits of PaaS.”

About CloudAtlas 

The CloudAtlas brand accelerates application migration to Azure while maintaining Cost Control, Compliance and Cybersecurity, helping customers rapidly adopt, securely deploy and effectively manage workloads and custom applications moved to Microsoft’s Cloud solutions (Azure, Office 365). For more information, contact us at