UnifyCloud’s CloudPilot now supports Java applications

CloudPilot, the application migration tool that quickly assesses cloud readiness of custom-built applications, now supports Java, extending service to larger markets

REDMOND, WASH., November 06, 2019: UnifyCloud, a rapidly growing global Cloud solutions provider that specializes in accelerating migration to the Cloud with a focus on security, compliance and cost management, announces that its CloudPilot tool has extended its support to include Java which includes open-source applications and MySQL open-source databases.

“CloudPilot now supports open-source applications that are running in a Linux environment using Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or MongoDB” UnifyCloud founder Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar said. “With this new functionality, we now support a vast majority of the market, which means our partners can serve more and larger customers in migrating to Azure.”

“By expanding our tool capabilities, we can better serve mainframe customers, which opens up a huge market for UnifyCloud and our partners,” Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar added. “And we’re covering multiple application servers like IBM WebSphere, WebLogic and support the most popular programming languages used by developers — Java, .NET and JavaScript. We now support most applications and databases.”

CloudPilot is the only tool that performs static code analysis of application source code, database and configuration files for cloud migration readiness; providing detailed cost assessments, estimating the effort required to migrate to virtual machines, containers and application services (PaaS), and providing code-level recommendations, guidance and sample code for modernization to Azure. CloudPilot significantly reduces the time required to scan millions of lines of code and validates the code against Azure best practices – what used to take months, now can be completed in minutes. Functioning as an end-to-end tool, CloudPilot also scans for unsupported APIs, and security and compliance issues, which makes it a versatile tool that makes possible what once seemed impossible.

CloudPilot has scanned applications with over 3 million lines of code in less than 20 minutes, eliminating the need for months of arduous manual effort to even start the cloud migration process. Code changes are identified down to the line of code with sample code provided that can be cut and pasted into the application to run in Azure. Links to authoritative guidance are also provided, along with estimates of the level of effort required to make the recommended changes. Now, entire application portfolios can easily and quickly be scanned to identify the best candidates for migration to Azure.

About UnifyCloud: UnifyCloud helps its partners reduce complexity and risk with its industry leading CloudAtlas solutions. CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey assessing, migrating, optimizing, monitoring and providing compliance baselines for a cloud environment. UnifyCloud is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider, and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies.

For more information, contact Mark Erhart at press@unifycloud.com or visit https://www.unifycloud.com/.