CloudAtlas Simplifies and Speeds Migration of VMware to Azure VMware Solution

Leverage existing VMware investments while realizing the benefits of the Azure cloud.

REDMOND, WASH, June 15, 2022: UnifyCloud, a global ISV and cloud solutions provider specializing in accelerating and managing digital transformation and modernization, cybersecurity, compliance, and cost in the cloud, now helps organizations realize the benefits of the cloud by migrating VMware environments to Azure. UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas platform now delivers a comprehensive analysis of on-premises VMware environments to guide and facilitate moving to Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

With VMware still dominating the server virtualization market, there is ample opportunity to modernize these environments and gain the benefits of the cloud. One solution is a migration to Azure VMware Solution, which allows organizations to seamlessly run, manage, and secure applications across VMware environments and Azure with a common operating framework to take advantage of existing VMware investments, skills, and tools while benefiting from the agility, performance, and innovation capabilities of Azure. However, care must be taken to migrate intelligently by making the right decisions before moving to Azure, and that’s where CloudAtlas can help.

UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas platform makes this transition simple and easy with a comprehensive analysis of on-premises VMware environments providing a clear migration path, remediation recommendations, and best practice guidance to assist in Azure VMware Solution execution. CloudAtlas analysis identifies available migration paths, comparing an “as is” configuration to an optimized environment that may reduce infrastructure requirements and TCO. Once a plan is developed, CloudAtlas facilitates migration through the automated creation of an Azure Landing Zone to support new workloads in the cloud while maintaining best practices for security and governance. CloudAtlas also supports the management of AVS environments, including Azure Hybrid Benefits, Extended Security Update benefits, networking, costing and more.

“AVS is a great way to get to the cloud faster without requiring new skills, tooling, or vernacular because you can bring your VMware skills and best practices with you. With Microsoft now responsible for hardware, version upgrades, patching, etc. you can focus on the needs of the business, not administrative tasks,” noted UnifyCloud CTO and co-founder Vivek Bhatnagar. “Our CloudAtlas solution further simplifies the transformation, guiding and facilitating the process so organizations can get the most out of an AVS implementation faster than ever before.”

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About UnifyCloud:

UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the creation of the CloudAtlas platform to accelerate the modernization and migration of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud. Built on Azure PaaS, CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey, assessing, migrating, and optimizing to Azure. UnifyCloud has been recognized as a finalist for the 2021 Microsoft Worldwide Modernizing Applications Partner of the Year Award, winner of the 2020 Microsoft Worldwide Solution Assessment Partner of the Year Award, and is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider, Azure Data PAC member, IP Cosell Partner, and previously named one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing Private Companies. For more information, contact or visit