CloudAtlas Announces New Version Of Cloudsupervisor: Azure Available On Microsoft’s Appsource Portal

Redmond, Washington, May 18, 2017 – CloudAtlas has teamed up with Microsoft’s AppSource portal to launch the new version of CloudSupervisor: Azure. CloudSupervisor: Azure adds comprehensive cost reporting, combined with detailed recommendations to reduce Azure operating expenses for PaaS, IaaS, Hybrid, and Stack. This one-two punch allows you to immediately get control over, and reduce your Azure spend.

CloudSupervisor: Azure provides organizations with detailed visibility into their spending across all Azure services, and VMs. Dashboards provide drill down reports for individual subscription owners, or across the organization, for an all up view of cloud spend. Budgets can be easily set for individuals and organizations, for standard timeframes or custom date ranges, with alert notifications.

CloudSupervisor: Azure provides detailed recommendations on Rightsizing Services and VMs to achieve cloud savings, enabling customer to routinely save 30-50% on their Azure spend. Rightsizing Azure VMs, Resources, and Services such as SQL Azure, identifies ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ Azure resources. ‘Cold’ resources can release unused Azure Compute, Storage, Network, or Database services to reduce costs. ‘Hot’ resources may be scaled up to improve performance and responsiveness.

CloudSupervisor: Azure provides detailed monitoring and reporting across all Azure Subscriptions for cost, Cybersecurity & compliance for Azure Stack, PaaS & IaaS.

The release of the latest version of CloudSupervisor: Azure on AppSource represents a major step forward in CloudAtlas’ global strategy. “CloudSupervisor: Azure as a SaaS offering available thru AppSource makes our solution available to a much wider set of potential customers of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solutions,” said Vivek Bhatnagar, CloudAtlas’ Co-Founder and CTO.

About CloudAtlas 

The CloudAtlas brand accelerates application migration to Azure while maintaining Cost Control, Compliance and Cybersecurity, helping customers rapidly adopt, securely deploy and effectively manage workloads and custom applications moved to Microsoft’s Cloud solutions (Azure, Office 365). For more information, contact us at