echo “

Thanks for showing interest A Free Trial subscription for “. $_GET[‘trialproduct’].”

echo “You have successfully registered for a free trial! Expect an email from our automated servers soon. If you have any issues or would like to request more information, please contact us at info@cloudatlasinc.com. “;
echo “

Click below link to redirect to the product portal.

echo “The trial is restricted to Office 365 accounts only. 

if($_GET[‘trialproduct’] == “CloudRecon”){
echo “cloud-recon Cloud Recon“;}

elseif ($_GET[‘trialproduct’] == “CloudPilot”){
echo “cloud-pilot Cloud Pilot“;}

elseif($_GET[‘trialproduct’] == “CloudSupervisor”){
echo “cloud-supervisor Cloud Supervisor“;}

elseif ($_GET[‘trialproduct’] == “OfficeDashboard”){
echo “officedashboards OfficeDashboards“;}

elseif($_GET[‘trialproduct’] == “AIS”){
echo “cloud-supervisor Assessment Insights Service“;


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