Azure Guidance Tool

CloudOrigin® represents the underlying Cloud Services settings repository and Cloud knowledge base that underpins the CloudAtlas® suite. Cloud Services are constantly going through upgrades and enhancements by Cloud Service Providers and CloudOrigin® is designed to be your authoritative source of revision control.

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Key Features


Baseline Management

CIOs, CISOs, and IT Risk Management professionals can define their standards for Cloud-based applications through policies and Cloud service security-related settings.


Configuration Search

Developers can quickly focus on the baseline controls and settings they need to use as they deploy and manage their applications in a Cloud environment.


Role-based Access Control

Given the importance of CloudOrigin® as both a developer and risk management tool, Role-based access control is assigned to appropriate personnel only.


Change Log Management

The ability to track via audit trail who made what changes to the knowledge base is critical.


Export / Import (optional)

CloudOrigin® can import settings from a Cloud provider and easily integrate that into the development environment.


SME Updates (optional)

CIOs, CISOs, and IT Risk Management professionals responsible for defining and maintaining Cloud service settings can easily update CloudOrigin® to reflect the latest regulatory requirements.