Application Migration

Application migration on cloud is the process of migrating On-Premise workloads over cloud datacenters. It involves the general practice of working on remote servers hosted on the centralized system of networks, to store, locate and to manage the operational phases on a virtual setup of infrastructure.

With an emerging fact of data breach and phishing, the need to have a secure environment of communication and transaction is the priority. The new policies developed under GDPR and other SaaS compliance is looking for Cybersecurity solutions with notifications and tracking for such malicious activities. Following are the key concerns, to go with the GDPR complied service providers:
  • Security and privacy for the personal data.
  • Cooperation among distributed environments.
  • Resolutions for escalations/ complaints.
  • Issues regarding exit/termination criteria
  • Cross-border policies and operational parameters.
General Strategy of Application Migration How does CloudAtlas’ assist in Application Migration
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