CloudSupervisor® Azure - Manage & Monitor

Provides subscription owners with detailed monitoring of all the services related to the security configuration settings, cost settings, application migration settings and gives recommendations over costing and security following the compliance as per Azure standards. 

Core Key and Benefits

Core Key and Benefits of CloudSupervisor® Azure!

Costing Recommendations

Provide recommendations on how to utilize the cost effectively by giving recommendations as per Azure standards

Security Alerts

Track issues based on the severity of the issues and provide recommendations to resolve the security issues so that the subscription services are secure & safe

Compliance Management

Get the compatibility of service settings as per different rules set by Microsoft & other regulators to view the compliance of the resources as per international standards

Deep Visibility

Gives deep visibility into the underlying Azure services and whether the settings and other risk management controls are in line with the Azure standards.

Controls and Notifications

Services as per DevOps & Azure security center if not as per the Azure standard then notifications to the users in high/low levels

Managing Cloud Infrastructure

Manage all the important control services of your infrastructure in the Azure to ensure that the cloud platform deployed is operating as envisioned & in line with enterprise requirements

Sample Report

CloudSupervisor® Azure these are the some of sample reports which you will see in CloudSupervisor when you login.

SQL Sizing

Main Dashboard

SQL Sizing

Costing Dashboard

SQL Sizing

Security Dashboard

SQL Sizing

Compliance Dashboard

Application Migration

Cost Management

Costing dashboard helps users to know the current expenses of their subscriptions and minimizes the subscriptions cost for the better utilization of the expenses. It helps users to reduce cost under lying services of the subscription based on the services, which are being utilized by the subscription owner. It also give recommendations for the rightsizing on the basis of utilization of the services under the subscription, which helps users to give a direction for managing the cost of the services of subscription.

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Security Management

Security Dashboard helps users to understand the issues related to the security settings of the services in respect of Azure security center rules. It helps users to track issues on the basis of severity of the issues. It provides recommendations to resolve the security issues to keep a check on risk factors, so that the subscription services are secure & safe. It also helps users to understand their service settings in respect to DevOps rules as provided by Microsoft with recommendations on how to remove security issues as per DevOps advance security standards.

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Database Migration
Azure Migration

Compliance Management

Compliance dashboard helps the user to get the compatibility of service settings as per different rules set by Microsoft. The rules given by Microsoft and other regulators are for saving the users information and creating the security checks on the personally identifiable information. Users can even create their rules according to their organization or use type. The dashboard will also create the compliance data on the bases of user-created custom baselines, which will help to view the compliance of the resources in comparison to the international standards.

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How the tool works

Check out all the steps how the tool works

Step 1  

Register on Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Step 2 

Get subscriptions and all services and usage data under subscriptions

Step 3 

Monitor susbcriptions for costing and security issues

Step 4 

Generate costing and security related recommendations

Step 5  

Compare and generate compliance reports on subscriptions

Step 5


Manage Cost using CloudSupervisor Azure

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