CloudPilot - Analyze and Migrate

Based on static code analysis, configuration data, and development team interaction, CloudPilot provides a deep and detailed analysis of applications and their readiness to migrate to a Cloud environment. CloudPilot assists in the initial assessment of the Cloud migration effort; in the re-factoring process by offering detailed code-level changes for the Cloud; and in the final testing against enterprise control frameworks. CloudPilot scans the application source code and uses configuration data to provide a detailed report of code-level changes to modernize your applications for the cloud. For applications that have already been remitted and are considered Cloud-ready, CloudPilot scans the Cloud-enabled applications to ensure that they follow best practices and meet enterprise IT Controls and Cybersecurity policies.

Assessment Report

CloudPilot® generates an assessment report to determine the migration-readiness of your application or database for container services, app services, or virtual machine with the list of recommendations and remedies.

SQL Sizing

App Service Assessment

SQL Sizing

Container Assessment

SQL Sizing

Assessment Dashboard

SQL Sizing


Core Key and Benefits

Core Key and Benefits of CloudPilot!

Cloud Migration Estimates

In a matter of minutes, CloudPilot® estimates the level of effort for each app to move to the Cloud.

Migration Made Easy

Offer additional profitable services by automating, accelerating, and simplifying migration to Azure.

No Code Change

Migrations enable moving applications and data to Azure at scale to VMs, Containers, and App Services

No Data Loss & Less downtime

Pay for the service used & less server downtime

Error Free Migration

Standardize the migration process using automated tools. Deliver consistent, secure, and error-free migrations

Security & Compliance

Generates security recommendations & incorporates policies to maintain compliance

Cloud Readiness

Generate an assessment report of cloud-readiness to azure

Trimmed expenses

Using best coding practices which will reduce time & expenses.

Application Owner Dashboard

Keep track of your apps as they move from Cloud migration estimating to remediation and final Cloud deployment testing.

App Operational Details

Beyond the code, how you run your apps will have a major impact on how you move them to the Cloud.

Simple App Data Collection

Gather relevant details of your on-premises applications and pull them into an encrypted format for analysis.

Regulation and Controls

You can even define the certifications on your Cloud environment in support of your applications.

Application Migration

Application Migration

Application migration is the process of moving an application from one environment to another which includes migration from an on-premises enterprise server to Azure environment.

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Database Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring data between computer storage types or file formats. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks.

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Database Migration
Azure Migration

Azure Migration

Move to Azure on your terms, with CloudPilot® which discover and assess the suitability of on-premises database & application for migration to Azure, and provide sizing and cost estimates for running VMs, Containers, or App Services.

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How the tool works

Check out all the steps how the tool works

Step 1  

Discover your Application or Database

Step 2 

Add the Application or Database

Step 2 

Generate the Assessment Report

Step 3 

Remediate the Application or Database as per recommendations

Step 4  

Migrate to Azure

Step 5


Manage Cost using CloudSupervisor Azure

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