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Take control of your Office 365 environment with reporting that gives you visibility across all of your applications.
Daily reporting for cost, security, and GRC controls, powered by the CloudOrigin knowledgebase.
We believe organizations operate best when they have total control over every aspect of their cloud environment. CloudSupervisor Office 365 fills the gaps of the standard portal and enhances your Office 365 experience by monitoring your subscription for cost control and license management. It locates redundant and/or outdated subscriptions, ensures accounts are actually being utilized and facilitates streamlined, efficient administration activities. Utilize our tools to easily reduce Azure costs, manage permissions and licenses, simplify and ease administration , and ensure your environment is configured for regulatory compliance.
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Key Benefits
Cost Control
License Utilization and Management
Service Status and Up-time
Security Alerts
Key Features
Reports and Processes
After inventory is uploaded, an assessment is performed, giving you access to a wealth of data and analytics to drive your cloud strategy.
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