Download, Install and Run MAP Tool

Download Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit. Install and Run MAP Tool


Create inventory database

Create inventory database which will be used to save inventory data, by default SQL express is installed when installing MAP tool, SQL express is used to host the inventory database.


Perform an Inventory & Collect Performance Data

MAP Tool can collect performance data for both Windows or Linux based machines. The duration for performance metric collection should be at least 24 hours (recommended). Follow the steps under Performance and metrics wizard.

  • Select Inventory scenarios, since MAP tool can be used to target different scenarios like SQL database consolidation, VM migration, Lync readiness check etc.
  • Determine the discovery method
  • Select an account that have administrative permission on the targeted servers, you can add more than one account.
  • Prioritize the credentials of all the provided computers
  • Enter computers and technologies, which are used to collect information
  • Provide connection properties such as TCP/IP Port or encryption


Report Generation

Collect data from your local DB and upload it on CloudRecon portal to generate DCMR Report.

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