Create an Azure Migrate project.


Download the setup File

Open Virtualization Appliance (.ova) format, and import it as a VM on your on-premises vCenter server.


Run the collector

Collect metadata includes VM information and performance data.

  • Select Inventory scenarios, since MAP tool can be used to target different scenarios like SQL database consolidation, VM migration, Lync readiness check etc.
  • Determine the discovery method
  • Select an account that have administrative permission on the targeted servers, you can add more than one account.
  • Prioritize the credentials of all the provided computers
  • Enter computers and technologies, which are used to collect information
  • Provide connection properties such as TCP/IP Port or encryption


Pushed the metadata

on Azure Migrate project, so you can view it in the Azure portal.


Run an assessment

for a group to view it on the portal, or download in Excel format.