Fast and Easy Assessments to Drive Cloud Strategy
Leverage the power of CloudRecon to automate the assessment of IT infrastructure and create a customized migration plan with detailed cost estimates in just minutes
Inventory applications and workloads to develop a cloud strategy with detailed ROI and TCO benefits.
CloudRecon consumes infrastructure data from leading IT discovery tools and evaluates your existing IT environment to generate an assessment of the cloud readiness of an enterprise, providing technical analysis of virtual machines, physical servers, applications, databases, and client machines. This assessment is used to generate a customizable cloud strategy and business case that can be output into easy-to-digest reports that can be delivered to business decision makers.
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Key Benefits
Automated on-premise infrastructure assessments in minutes, not months
Automation saves time and expense over arduous manual assessments
Detailed inventory assessments provide insights to inform your cloud migration strategy
Key Features
Upload inventory to start your infrastructure assessment
CloudRecon consumes data from numerous discovery tools to assess your infrastructure and help you understand the technical realities you face and to guide decisions regarding your cloud options.
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Reports and Processes
After inventory is uploaded, an assessment is performed, giving you access to a wealth of data and analytics to drive your cloud strategy.
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